About Online Memorials

Dear visitor and valued client,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Park Lawn’s new Online Memorial site.

By means of our new, user-friendly and sensitive Website, we are able to offer you a special opportunity to create a perpetual Online Memorial to your loved one.

From our experience with other people who have created such memorials, we know that it will greatly help you and your family and friends, wherever they live, to celebrate and remember the life and legacy of your loved one who is buried at one of our cemeteries in Canada

The unique feature of the Website is that after you tell your family and friends about the Memorial you have created, they will be able to visit it at any time and from anywhere, by means of the benefits of online computer accessibility.

Our new site will therefore be a great boon when your family and friends are unable to get to the physical location where your loved one rests.

Creating a Memorial would involve you in collecting and gathering up a selection of photographs(in black & white and colour, on prints or digital), of your loved one's life, as well as treasured documents, such as school and college certificates. You would then scan them in.... in easy steps that we would advise you how you do.

You would also need to think about and collect stories and memories of your loved one, and then type them onto the Memorial site as well. You could even download onto the Memorial videos or excerpts of videos that you like relating to your loved one's life.

Another lovely feature we offer is the opportunity for you and your family and friends to "light" virtual candles and "place" virtual flowers. To-day's technology is truly impressive, isn't it.

So once you have created the Memorial you would be able to share it amongst members of your family and friends in an easy to access ‘online’ environment. You would have a choice of "open access" or "password protected."

I warmly invite you to consider creating an online Memorial to your loved one. We have a "help line" you are welcome to use should you have any questions: onlinememorials@parklawnlp.ca

My colleagues and I very much hope you decide to create a Memorial. We are sure that you and your family and friends will enjoy and benefit from it for many years to come as a very personal and sympathetic way to remember your loved one's life.

Yours sincerely,

Frank A. Mills
Park Lawn LP, Toronto, Ontario


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