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In Remembrance of Jeff Healey

25 March, 1966 ~ 2 March, 2008
Toronto, ON, Canada

Norman Jeffrey "Jeff" Healey (March 25, 1966 � March 2, 2008) was a blind Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist and guitarist who attained musical and personal popularity, p... Read more >
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This memorial website was
created by Simon Raybould

This site created on 30 October, 2011, and last updated on 28 April, 2017.

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Message from Simon Raybould (fan)

"Memorial Tribute to the legendary Jeff Healey"

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Mayumi   Nov 29, 2015
You just got 2 new additions.My wife had NEVER heard of Jeff so it IS my plarsuee to introduce her.No surprise her song from me is his beautiful rendition of Angel Eyes very c... Read more >

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By Joseph
Apr 28, 2017
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By Gil
Jan 16, 2012

By Gil
Jan 16, 2012
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By Simon
Jun 24, 2014

By Lisa
Jan 21, 2013
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