In Remembrance of Conn (Constantine) Falkland Cary Smythe

1 February, 1895 ~ 18 November, 1980
Toronto, ON, Canada

Constantine Falkland Cary Smythe MC (February 1, 1895 – November 18, 1980) was a Canadian businessman, soldier and sportsman in ice hockey and horse racing. He is best ... Read more >
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This site created on 14 December, 2011, and last updated on 6 January, 2018.

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Message from Daniel Reid (fan) "This is a memorial for Conn Stafford Smythe.
Please enhance this memorial site by adding your memories and photos.
Share a Memory Sirin   Jan 28, 2015
I have to agree that hockey seems to be more gareed to team thinking overall. Hubby and I watched a good deal of the NHL playoffs: me cheering for the Rangers until a certain ... Read more >
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By Daniel Reid
Jan 16, 2012

By Daniel Reid
Jan 16, 2012
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By Gil
Dec 27, 2011
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