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In Remembrance of Christopher Andrew Sonsogno

25 October, 1974 ~ 9 February, 2012
North York, ON, Canada

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Memory by Deborah McGillen   Feb 14, 2020
Was at cemetery today to put flowers on graveside with your brother Jamie an his girlfriend Irina
You lay to rest 8 years today and missed you who brunch, your brother Eric was at work.
Memory by Deborah McGillen   Feb 9, 2020
Today is 8 years you left Chris not day go by you not thought of by me and your brothers Eric and Jamie and I guess your son in his ways.
Memory by Tracy Carr   Feb 9, 2015
How could I've of forgotten our smash, bang, boom tumble down the stairs. I'd honestly say, if that had been captured on video, we would've made our debut on "Funniest Home Videos"
ONE of my fondest and funniest memories. I will wait for next year cuz to let everyone know about getting your foot caught in the bike spokes :(
Until we meet again xoxoxo
Memory by Tracy Carr   Feb 9, 2015
Well, not sure if you've been looking down on us Chris, but if so, how did you ever let that bathing suit picture of me be taken in the backyard at Havenbrook .. OMG !!! It's a doozie LOL !!
All joking aside, you're missed and loved everyday cuz xoxoxox
Memory by Baby Brother   Feb 14, 2013
This week has been a hard one for me Chris. Time has gone by so fast and miss you like crazy. And today has been harder, because it was the last time I saw you. On a brighter side, Mom went to Jamaica for 1 week with Aunt Mary, and she has been emailing me and say she was thinking about you. I told her, Chris would have wanted you to enjoy yourself and have fun. Me and Eric are still kicking strong, but it’s not the same without the Big Brother around. I have put up lots of pictures of the 3 of us around at home and it helps me to deal with missing you, but it’s not the same. Well I hope Grandma and Grandpa our taking good care of you. Miss you lots Chris.
Memory by James Baby Brother   Mar 29, 2012
I still remember the day we all left for Las Vegas the first time and the work we had to do. We you flying to Winnipeg than Eric and I met you later that day. The was one of the best trips I ever went on. I think about all the time, and I knew you were looking over me at my race on Sunday. Thanks for that support Chris.
Miss you so much!!!!!!!!
Memory by sandy gentile   Mar 17, 2012
Christopher's mom Debbie was myself were neighbors on Havenbrook Ct. back in Brampton. Our son Derek was two years younger than Chris but they had a lot of fun driving their green machines in the court. We spent many hours baby sitting each others children and I remember Chris as a well mannered little guy who loved wearing his base ball cap!

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