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In Remembrance of Christopher Andrew Sonsogno

25 October, 1974 ~ 9 February, 2012
North York, ON, Canada

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Candles and Flowers

Posted by Miles
Mar 17, 2019  

Posted by Debbie McGillen
Feb 13, 2018  
Tomorrow is Valentines Day you were buried 6 years ago all your friend and family was there to say there final good bye. I love you Chris and miss you. Mom and so those brothers and son Andrew.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Dec 23, 2017  
Merry Christmas Chris I miss you and so does brothers and closes friends

Posted by Debbie McGillen
Sep 8, 2016  
Your son has grown up, and become lovely gentleman, miss you love mom

Posted by Tracy Carr
Feb 9, 2015  
Chris, I think of you all the time, your name comes up in conversations I've had with friends, family and don't worry, all good. LOL !!! I know you're somewhere and always smiling, no pain, only laughter. Loving, missing, and thinking of you always. Good times were had while you were here, I'm sure their still being had wherever you are xoxoxo Love you xoxox

Jan 30, 2015  

Posted by deborah mcgillen
Dec 24, 2014  
Merry Christmas we always thing of you. Mom Eric Jamie

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Sep 9, 2014  
I always thinking of you, you brother Jamie look so much like you now.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Jun 4, 2014  
It has been long time since I put message on Home Page, just thinking of you and missing you, your brother Eric will have son soon and has given your name for his middle name it will be nice as remembrance of you.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Dec 31, 2013  
Happy New Year Heaven, I truly miss you Chris and so does a lot of ours.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Dec 24, 2013  
Merry Christmas up in heaven I think of you often and so does lot another, miss you.
Love Mom.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Oct 25, 2013  
Happy Birthday in heaven, I miss you and so does your brothers and your son, but I understand God reach out his hand to take you home now so you have no more pain.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Aug 16, 2013  
Just a little note we are missing you, your Mom,Mark also missing you and Rosie the three candles from each one of us.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Jun 7, 2013  
I post this on facebook for everyone to see so we can help others with awful disease that took you life away from us. Love Mom My son's Eric and James and I are walking Gutsy Walk on June 9, for Crohn's and Colitis, which there brother Christopher died on Feb 9, 2012 from long battle with Crohn's in out of hospital and many surgeries.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
May 25, 2013  
I miss you everyday and heart hurts for you but I have to be the warrior to keep on going for everyone, your brothers Eric and Jamie and also your son Andrew.
Love Mom

Posted by George Markou
Feb 19, 2013  
Hey Chris I miss you a lot buddy and I know your in a better place now.

Posted by Deborah McGIllen
Feb 19, 2013  
I was away on your 1yr anniversary the day you pass away but you were in my heart and I know you were around went the flower came back to me on the sea shore, were I was sitting.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Jan 2, 2013  
Happy New Year it will be 1 year in Feb it has gone fast, always thinking of you.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Dec 23, 2012  
It is 10 1/2 months since you left us and it is Christmas time now and I remembering that you just came out of hospital just to go back 2 days later and being along, I so sorry that we were not there for you more. I will see at the graveside on Christmas morning. Love Mom

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Oct 25, 2012  
Happy Birthday Chris and Dad
Miss you Love Mom and Andrew, Eric and Tracey and Jamie and Serena and cousin Tracy and Aunt Mary and many more of your friends that miss you too.
Always in our hearts

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Aug 6, 2012  
Flower for you again because it is coming up to 6 months time has gone so fast, and your son will be here for visit and he wants to come down to put flower for you

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Jul 6, 2012  
It will be 5 months on Jul 9/12 it seem like yesterday that you left us,I was thinking of you today went I was at Credit Valley Hospital see the specialist remembering you taking to my appointments after my knee surgery, Love You Mom
I know you always around else.

Posted by Tracy Carr
Jun 3, 2012  
Hey Chrissy !!! Just wishing you were still here ... sitting here with your mom and talking about funny times .. yes, the vaseline .. foot stuck in the spokes .. and the best of all, me being TOUGH and jumping you as we tumbled down the stairs. Good times were always had. love ya buddy xoxoxox

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Jun 3, 2012  
It will be 4 months soon Chris and heart still aches for you and miss are late night chats, now I talk to your crazy cousin Tracy,your brother Jamie just did another run in Mississauga and thoughts were with you.

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Apr 6, 2012  
Happy Easter: I know in my heart you are with Nanny and Grandpa playing cards, we miss you a lot. Love Mom, Andrew, Eric & Tracey, Jamie& Serena and many of your close friends and relatives.

Posted by Deborah McGIllen (Mom)
Mar 30, 2012  
I was driving to work today and thinking of you and Andrew and thinking life so different now, I know you will be at Eric wedding in spirit. Mom

Mar 30, 2012  

Posted by Laurie Lee
Mar 17, 2012  
Even though my heart misses you like crazy my head tells me you are at peace now but will never be forgotten......forever Laurie

Posted by Deborah McGillen
Mar 15, 2012  
Chris I miss you alot and so does your brothers Eric and Jamie and your son Andrew, you are also missed by your close friend and family, and your friends from St.Michael Hospital they miss your smiling face, it has been 5 weeks today

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