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In Remembrance of Barbara Josephine Haidasz-Smith

18 December, 1958 ~ 24 January, 2015
Toronto, ON, Canada

Joanne Walker (sister)
I am honoured this evening to share a remembrance of Barbara. Barb with the beautiful green eyes.
A sister:
She is your witness... Read more >
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This memorial website was
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This site created on 11 April, 2015, and last updated on 21 December, 2017.

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Message from Bruce Smith (husband)

"Messages Guest Book:

Kelly Magner (Friend)
Entered January 29, 2015 from Newmarket
Remembering our friend Barb...

-quiet gentle soul, warm smile, always greeted with... " Read more >

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By Bruce Smith
Apr 11, 2015
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