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In Remembrance of Allen Gordon Sinclair

3 June, 1900 ~ 17 May, 1984
Cabbagetown, Toronto, ON, Canada

Allan Gordon Sinclair, OC, FRGS was a Canadian journalist, writer and commentator.

Sinclair was born in the Cabbagetown neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario. In 1916, be... Read more >
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This site created on 27 December, 2011, and last updated on 4 April, 2018.

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Message from Gil Katz "This is a memorial for Allen Gordon Sinclair, a journalist, author, regular panelist on TV's 'Front Page Challenge.
Please enhance this memorial site by adding your memories and photos.
Share a Memory Yareni   Feb 25, 2013
This is absolutely fsantatic Joanne! Thanks so much for posting this! I'm with Frances, Mr. Sinclair would have absolutely loved the tribute from Tom Brokaw.I have American re... Read more >
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Jan 16, 2012

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Dec 27, 2011
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Jan 26, 2012
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